Au Pair in Donegal that worked 70 hours for 65 euro. Horrifying


There was a story published in the Irish Daily Mail about an Au Pair that had to work 70 hours for 65 euro per week. It made me angry, sad and sick to my stomach. It is hard to believe in this day and age that human beings could treat another human being like this. An Au Pair is here to sample the culture and be part of your family.

We have always carried out house calls and kept in touch with all of our Au Pairs. I find it hard to stomach that this poor girl had to endure this for 4 months before some one had contacted the police. So please if you know of any Au Pair being miss treated bring it to some ones attention.

Agencies are a voice for Au Pairs and thankfully we have had only two minor issues in relations to our placement. Both issues were resolved straight away and cleared the air for the rest of the placement.

The story yesterday was hard to believe. The Irish are such open hearted and kind people. The family that did this should be named and prosecuted. Its so wrong words cannot describe this story. So please I advise families to let their Au pair know that they are appreciated and never forget what they are here for. Thanks for reading.


Please click on this link to read the full story.

Au Pair works 70 hours for 65 euro

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