How to help your Au Pair to settle in Ireland

1. Write the daily routine down for all the children. If the Au Pair is not sure she can always go back to read it.

2. Make a book of house rules that the Au Pair can read.

3. Make her aware that she can come to you with any issue. If an issue arises please confront it as it is better to do it sooner rather than later.

4. Let her know a week in advance of her hours so she can make plans. I know this may not be possible if you work shift work but I am sure if you explain every scenario with her she will understand

5. It takes 2-3 weeks to settle in. Week 1 is normally the learning week and they tend to take everything on board. Week 2 is normally their 1st full week working. They are tired after this week and get a bit home sick. Week 3 is when they know their surroundings, the children’s routine and they are comfortable with the transition.

It does take take for both Au pair and the family to get to know each other.